Collection: Online Shopping!

Let's go shopping! Online!

Dont want to leave the comfort of your own home to get the perfect looks for you? No problem!

We start with a 30 minute zoom style consultation! This is where I get a feel of who you are and your personal style! We go over your body type, favorite silhouettes and figure out where you fall in the color wheel to determine the best colors that suit your skin, hair and eye color. We discuss all your needs in the beginning of the session and then we start shopping! I share my screen with you and take you shopping online! 

After the session I send you links of your favorite items! 

Online Shopping: $200, 2 Hours.


At Check out, click the link to schedule your appointment!


Miami Tote Bag

The perfect versatile bag, take it to the beach, farmers market, traveling. Fits everything you'll need throught the day.

Miami Tote

Multimedia collage