Collection: Style Consultation

Zoom Style Consultation!


During our one-hour style consultation, I will help you figure out the best looks that represent your style while assisting, you in defining and refining your personal look. Together, we'll evaluate your skin complexion, hair color, and eye color to determine a tailored color palette that complements your natural features. I will leave plenty of time to address any questions you may have during our session. Following our Zoom meeting, you'll also have the option to acquire a personalized style guide curated to align with your individual preferences, from the insights gained from our face-to-face consultation.

This comprehensive style guide includes:

  1. A personalized color wheel, complete with examples of shades that accentuate your distinct attributes.
  2. A vision board showcasing outfits that seamlessly harmonize with your lifestyle, complete with convenient links for purchasing.

Invest in your style journey:

  • Style Consultation: $150
  • Style Consultation with Personalized Results: $350

Elevate your style experience with our tailored services.


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